October 20, 2010 at 11:20AM

A native Win32 port of the BSD PSPSDK (ps2dev.org), with freely distributable import libraries and header files (DevPaks) for building cross compiled homebrew Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) applications. MinPSPW is a project that started out from my need to write indie video games for the Sony PlayStation Portable Console. After realizing that the development of such software was extremly boring due to the fact that one needs to spend more time compiling dependencies and handling the quirks of having both the SDK and Libs available for *nix environments, I decided to port them to my every day OS (Windows XP 32Bits). This project is different from the Official Homebrew PSP SDK and DevKitPro in the way that once you install the SDK and a couple of DEVPAKs you can use your normal Windows Command Prompt to execute a build. No Cygwin, no MSys, no UWIN32. This project is evolving and if you would like to see some OSS library added as a devpak feel free to request it in the tracker. Of course I cannot guarantee that it will be available but I'll try to see how hard it will be to port and add a build to the download section and a build script to the source control system. This version adds:

  • Support for the D programming language
  • allegro
  • OSLib replaced with OSLib_MOD
  • Bullet Physics
  • CubicVR game engine

In order to get started with the MinPSPW project you can also download the tutorial book:

Other features:

  • pspsh does not depend on cygwin and is native
  • remotejoy SDL is also included as a native binary (no cygwin)
  • updated the fpulib trig functions can use the FPU processor
  • newlib 1.18
  • binutils 2.18
  • gcov builds properly but not fully tested
  • libmpeg2 devpak
  • bullet physics devpak
  • windows tools are linked against pthreads
  • also works with OpenSolaris 2009.06 (vanilla).
  • Patched SDK for missing functions (only declared on the ASM side)
  • zlib
  • bzip2
  • freetype
  • jpeg
  • libbulletml
  • libmad
  • libmikmod
  • libogg
  • libpng
  • libpspvram
  • libTremor
  • libvorbis
  • lua
  • pspgl
  • pspirkeyb
  • sqlite
  • SDL
  • SDL_gfx
  • SDL_image
  • SDL_mixer
  • SDL_ttf
  • smpeg
  • zziplib
  • Objective-C support
  • Removed the dependency for the env var PSPSDK
  • Fixed psp-config
  • vsmake.bat
  • man.bat
  • ...

Project Trackers: